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::: Personal Training :::

At VIRTUE Fitness and Performance, we know that there are as many definitions of success as there are people; we support each client in their quest for excellence. We strive to provide real tangible results to our clients in a safe and effective manner. Our training is geared to meet the wide range of needs of our clients, from those just starting out to professionals who make their living on the field. We believe that competence breeds confidence and that fitness, nutrition, and performance improvement can be taught and mastered like any other skill.

Just because you are not a pro athlete doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have the same tools to be just as successful. We designed programs that give you every chance to succeed with Athletic Performance, Health, and Nutrition. Our programs below were designed specifically for these reasons. You decide which one fits your goals based on current health, weight, age, and prior experience. Take a peek at what we have to offer you!

VFP Experience

Life has no Off season.

The constant demands of life and responsibilities at home and work require optimal health and peak performance every day. The VFP Experience provides an opportunity to focus on your health and fitness goals with personalized training and nutrition. Available for both individuals and small groups, a customized experience is built based on your fitness and health goals. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, build strength for sports, or minimize daily aches and pain, you will achieve results with the VFP Experience.

VFP Rise

Transform your body.

Change your life.

Do you do the same gym routine day in and day out.  Tired of the treadmill? Your body is  so used to your routine that you’re no longer seeing the benefits and results you used to. VFP Rise will send a jolt through your daily routine and help you achieve results again!

In addition to the training sessions, you’ll receive a personalized nutrition plan, supplement protocol, and support from the same trainers and nutritionists that work with national athletes. . No gimmicks. No fads. Just a system proven to work. Whether you want to increase your energy levels, run your first 5K, lose ten pounds, or just become stronger, VFP Rise will help you achieve your goals.

VFP Triumph

Perform like an Athlete.

Triumph like a Champion.

The VFP Triumph program is designed for the active adult and weekend warrior looking for a year-round health and fitness program to meet their needs and goals. Working with our integrated team of performance specialists, Nutritional Coaches, health professionals, and certified  trainers, a personalized training, nutrition, and recovery plan is created to support you and your specific needs.