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::: Sports Performance :::

Our Sports Performance programs are for those individuals who want to take their training to the next level. We provide specific programming, coaching, and nutritional support to our athletes. To achieve the next level in a sport takes hard work and dedication. We understand the need for a good coach that pays attention to the details. Champions aren’t created overnight. Every champion has a coach to guide him to success. We strive to create a program that lets you focus on your goals in a sports versus focusing on creating your own training.

Our Sports Performance programs are powered by NSCA and USAW and all of our coaches are certified by either NSCA or USAW.

Each athlete needs specific adaptations for their sport. So we work with our clients to create the right program for our CLIENTS not for the general populace. Naturally the price can vary based on how often we meet, how long we meet, and what other additional services are required of us.

::: Athletic Performance :::

Every one of our Performance programs includes the following:

  • Dynamic warm-up and muscle activation
  • Corrective movement (prehab and rehab) involving mobility and stability exercises to address injury prevention and rehabilitation
  • Upper body and lower body elasticity
  • Speed, agility, and quickness training
  • Power development
  • Strength development
  • Energy systems development
  • Recovery and regeneration strategies using myofascial release, active release, PNF, and joint manipulation
  • Nutritional strategies for optimal performance
  • Mental performance
  • Specific goal oriented sports programming
  • One to Five coaching sessions a week
  • Monthly adjustments to training programs
  • Coaching from qualified professionals
  • An environment that create a drive to excel and become the best on and off the platform.