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Fitness & Performance

VIRTUE will make you STRONGER

VIRTUE will make you FASTER

VIRTUE will make you BETTER

Virtue Fitness & Performance is an

Athletic Performance Company

We create Better, Faster & Stronger people.

Why Athletic Performance?

Josh started VFP in 2015 with the idea that everyone can reach a high level of performance. You as an individual probably will not bulk up like Arnold, run like Bolt, jump like Jordan, or (and the list of comparison extends to every known athlete and THEIR performance ability), but everyone can achieve their own level of optimum athletic performance.

Josh felt strongly about this mindset and decided to build VIRTUE around the simple concept of helping people discover their own, personal performance level. VIRTUE has avoided confining itself to one facet of the industry (such as corporate wellness, personal training, or sports performance), rather, we help our members develop a fitness regimen so they can be their personal best in any sport or life-endeavor they pursue.



THIS WILL make you a BETTER ATHLETE, a HEALTHIER INDIVIDUAL and an optimally performing HUMAN BEING!

What is the SECRET SAUCE? HARD WORK!VIRTUE commits itself to the members, going the distance to help you achieve your goals. In return, we expect you to be motivated, committed and ready to do some work. Because the secret to our success is most because both VIRTUE and its members are willing to put in the HARD WORK! Fitness and performance requires more than a casual gym attendance with minimal impact. When you are serious about making a change in lifestyle – you will get the results you are after.

Team Application

VIRTUE’s platform for achievement can be implemented within any organization to help all its people reach their potential. After all, the well-being and performance of every person on a team are vital to its success. Fitness is a pursuit of optimal life. Greater strength, endurance, and health are things EVERYONE can benefit from.


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4 weeks ago

This video is from 3 years ago! I missed 110kg on my clean and jerk as my last attempt. I had to do 10 power cleans @ 111kg for a part of training tonight. Im excited to see what happens this year. ... See more

::: TRAINING :::

Greatness is for all of us

We foster a supportive community. We understand that we have to know you as a person to be able to motivate you, connect with you, and drive you to new heights. You are not just a client of ours. You are family and a valuable asset to us as both a company and a community. Our coaches will provide you with every opportunity to be successful within reason. This is why our coaches are an integral part to creating an atmosphere of success, enjoyment, and motivation.

Experienced in the Field

Our coaches are the most knowledgable, qualified, and Inspiring in the Fitness & Performance industry. They work work with athletes from amateur to professional levels and all varieties of people in between.

Custom Programs

Had you ever been to the big box gyms where you see a bunch of people milling bout with no sense of purpose, plan of action or idea what in the world they are doing? Are you one of those people? We all are at some point! Our goal at VIRTUE is to get you from where you are and work with you through Exercise Scienceobjective and subjective assessment and custom-tailored training programs, to maximize their full performance potential in sport and life. Whether you are an athletes or good-ol’ everyday people. We start with the individual from the very beginning – and learn about them as a person. We discover their goals for fitness, their range of initial mobility and strength and set them up on a custom program that receives constant monitoring and refinement.

Understanding Yourself

Education is key in achieving the results you want. We will teach you throughout the training process, so that you create a healthier sense of self awareness and exactly what your body needs to perform at peak levels. Exercise prescription is never generalized because we understand that each person’s goals, history and personal physiology are unique. We pride ourselves on setting each and every one of our clients up for success.

::: Partner :::

We are extremely grateful to those who have helped us to become so successful in the fitness industry. A strong community is key to creating great results for our clients. When we can link the personal trainer, nutritionist, and physical therapist together we create a program that sets our clients up for success. That is why we strive to have many partners that we can refer clients to in order to fulfill any health or fitness needs.

Wilmington Weightlifting Club

The Wilmington Weightlifting Club is one of our key partners. We use their facilities for training for a majority of our clients. Not only does is the facility great but the Owner Walter Neubauer is one of the best Weightlifting Coaches on the East Coast. He has coached 13 athletes on the national stage and growing!  He is a huge asset to VIRTUE with his expertise for sports performance coaching.

::: GET IN TOUCH :::

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